There are many lists out there of top places to visit, top destinations for scuba divers, trips of a lifetime from 10 to 1,000. However, there are a couple of things that everyone should experience in a lifetime regardless of the country and interest. Here are the 15 trips that changed my life and why I think everyone should visit these places.

Kruger National Park – Lions

1) African Safari- whether you decide to go for a luxury private safari in South Africa, join a tour group in Kenya or rough it in tents, this trip should be done by everyone and at any age. While, it was always my number one dream to visit Africa and see lions, giraffes, hippos, etc.. it was not until I got there that I realized that no National Geographic show, photography exhibits, and dreams could have prepared me. Seeing animals in the wild makes you feel more alive then ever before. No words can describe this experience.

2) Solo Trip- Taking a solo trip can be very scary and it is definitely not to everyone’s liking. However, until you try it, you really do not know what its like to be lost in the world. You experience the places different, you meet people you would have never meet and you find yourself. My solo trip, was a happy accident, when my friends could not join me on a trip I decided to go alone. It was probably the bravest thing I ever did and it made me more independent, more free and more confident in my abilities to deal with whatever came my way.

Snorkelling in Bora Bora

3) Snorkelling or Scuba Diving Trip – This is similar to the African Safari but underwater. Regardless, if you go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, Belize or Caribbean it is going to be an amazing experience.


Cabot Trail Road Trip – Canada

4) Road Trip – This is probably the cheapest trip you can do, just rent a car and drive. You can do a couple day road trip in Florida Keys or go for a long journey across the USA, or rent a car in Europe. There is something about driving and seeing the terrain change gradually that you realize how connected the world is. Plus you discover little villages and communities that probably serve great home style meals at affordable prices and greet locals by their first names.

Machu Picchu – Peru

5) Visit to an Ancient Civilization – It still surprises me, when I visit a new ancient civilization that I become fascinated with history and how far we have come but also how advanced they were. You can visit Athens, Rome, Machu Picchu, Egypt, Tibet, or Mayan Ruins, all of them while different have a story to tell and in so
many cases, mysteries that have not been solved yet.

Summer Palace – St. Petersburg, Russia

6) European Capitals – Everyone should visit one or more of European cultural cities for its architecture, churches, museums and performing arts. You can visit the popular Paris, St. Petersburg which was built to top European capitals, Vienna which is shockingly beautiful or Prague for a more affordable destination. You may not like a certain artist, architectural style or period however, you are surely to find something you like and admire the beauty that the city has to offer.

7) Spiritual Journey – This could be a journey to Israel, a treck to Santiago de Compostela, a trip to Tibet, or a visit to Mecca. Whatever, your belief is, there is a journey that will bring you closer to God or at least makes you soul search a little.

8) Culinary adventure – This goes without saying, food fuels our bodies and every country produces its own fuel. You can travel to Chicago for deep dish pizza, to India for the discovery of new spices, for a perfect Cappuccino in Italy or go on a long journey through Provence. Every trip will allow you to taste something new and excite your pallet but it is not until your purpose is to eat that you really indulge and if you are lucky you may leave the place with your very own recipe!

Fjords, Norway

9) Remote Places – You may go to Antarctica, Norway, Yellowknife, Canada, Mongolia, or Patagonia, Argentina. Anywhere where you can connect with nature. Being in a remote destination will not only enable you to see the beauty of this world but also be at at a peaceful state of mind.

10) Tropical Destination – Brazil, Caribbean, Hawaii, or Thailand all have beautiful beaches and tropical flora and fauna. It is a place to have a nice drink on the beach and do absolutely nothing well apart from maybe some light walking and swimming. The island is the best way to relax and to take life a bit less seriously.

The beauty of travel, is that anyone regardless of age, nationality and income can enjoy the beauty this life has to offer!