1. CanadaMontTremblanc

Marking the 150th anniversary of the True North strong and free, all Canadian National Parks will have free admission in celebration. Making beautiful landscapes from coast to coast the perfect escape any season. From the enormous and powering snow covered Canadian Rockies in beautiful British Columbia and Alberta, to the quaint laid-back east coast lifestyle in Price Edward Island National Park on the Atlantic Ocean. Be sure to enjoy the seafood and Canadian AAA beef on the menu eh?
2. IcelandIceland2BGeysir
With budget airlines WOW entering the market, and the iconic Iceland Air offering free stopovers on your way between North America and Europe, this viking land is a sight to see in 2017. From the calm and relaxation of Blue Lagoon just 30 minutes from the airport in Keflavik, to the amazing waterfalls that are sure to make you believe in magic – there is something for every nature lover in Iceland.
3. South AfricaCapeTown
Don’t put off going on your long lasting dream of a safari adventure in beautiful South Africa. With more and more animals endangered and on the brink of extinction due to illegal poaching for black market trafficking, the time is now to go see the Big Five in Kruger. While in South Africa, don’t forget to check out Cape Town home to the ever famous Table Mountain.
4. ChileSantiagofromthetop
For those travellers concerned with the Zika Virus in South America, Chile is the place to go. With high altitudes and ideal climates for a Zika-free vacation as of December 31, 2016, Chile has culture, architecture and nature. Northern Chile offers some of the best surfing and sand boarding, whilst southern Chile offers the nature seeker a sight to ponder in stunning Patagonia.
5. Portugal
LisbonfromtheTopAn under-stated European destination, Portugal is an affordable yet unforgettable country to visit for those seeking warm Mediterranean hospitality with amazing food and architecture. Be sure to visit Sintra for an unforgettable fairy tale experience in the mountains, and all the way down to Lagos where perhaps you might just get lucky and see some Dolphins at play in the Atlantic Ocean.
Happy 2017! Arriving In High Heels Wishes everyone Lots of Travel in 2017!