Copenhagen could be your layover destination on your way to Scandinavia, or it could just be that you are in a hurry and have only a short amount of time to explore this vibrant city.  Below is a trip itinerary which will assist you in planning your stay in Copenhagen

The city is only a short 20 minute train ride from the airport. If you are staying in the city centre all attractions are within a 30-40 minute walk. Start the day by having one of the famous “Danish Pancakes”  which is a Crepe with very tasty jam. For a scenic breakfast, go the Nyhavn canal which is full of colourful 18th century houses. 

For those who love taking boat cruises, or if you have not done one in Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, or Paris, you should take the boat canal cruise to witness the beauty of the city and its canals. 

Continue your sightseeing by walking down Bredgade for about 10-20 minute down to the Little Mermaid or “Den Lille Havfrue”; the most photographed icon in Denmark. Be prepared to wait 10-20 minutes to have your picture taken with her as it’s frequented by every tourist that comes to town. (Especially if you are unlucky enough to arrive there just after a bus load of tourists gets off).  After you have successfully taken your picture, continue by going to Amalienborg & Frederiksstaden, the Royal palace where royalty continues to reside today. Please note, that only Christian VII’s Palace is open to visitors and it is a very small museum which to some may look like a vintage store more than a Palace.  

If you happen to be at the palace between 11:30am and 12:00pm, you will witness the change of guards. Interesting fact: if the Queen is not in residence on that day, there will be no music accompanying the guards. 

After a short walk on Dronningens Tvaergade and a park arrive at the Rosenborg Slot. Rosenborg Slot is a Castle built in the 17th Century with Renaissance decor. Continue your day by a walk through the Latin Quarter, as in Paris this is the place for Copenhagen’s University and is filled with restaurants and cool shops filled with famous Danish Designs. 

For art lovers, there is Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek which houses Greek, Roman and Egyptian collections as well as French Impressionists, Danish and French Sculptures. For people interested in the history of Denmark, there is the Nationalmuseet. For people who love amusement parks, Tivoli is a great place to enjoy architecture, gardens and of course go on some rides. For people who have read and loved Hans Christian Andersen’s books which include: The Princes and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, The Emperor’s New Suit, Ugly Duckling and the Nightingale.You can visit his museum or see his statues outside of the Tivoli Gardens. 

After a long day of sightseeing, you will probably be hungry for some traditional Danish Food. The place which will not disappoint is called Frk Barners, it is located only a short 5 minute walk from the Train Station. You may want to make reservations ahead of time as the place gets packed fast. Bring your appetite as the portions are bigger than in the U.S.