Croatia is a small country situated on the adriatic sea. It is slowly becoming a hot destination mainly due to its beautiful nature, great food and still affordable prices (Although this has slowly been changing). Below are the top five places that are recommended when visiting this beautiful country.

1) Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik being a port city receives most of the cruise ship visitors. Making this city a very popular and crowded place to visit, with expensive food to match. Despite all of this, it is a unique city that you can spend days discovering. While it is not unique to find walled cities around the world, it is one of the most beautiful both on the inside and outside which is surrounded by a beautiful blue colour.

Port of Dubrovnik

2) Piltvice Lakes National Park
The Piltvice Lakes National Park is still on my to do list as well as being on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is famous for its lakes and maze like falls. You can see photos and blogs about Piltvice Lakes and Falls from USA Today, Lonely PlanetLandLopers and TravelDudes.

3) Korcula
Often referred to as mini dubrovnik, it’s a beautiful small island with a smaller walled city then Dubrovnik. It claims to be the birth place of Marco Polo and is surrounded by beautiful blue water. The journey to the island includes hundreds of stunning little islands.

Korcula at Night

4) Split
Split is worth visiting for the Diocletian’s Palace. The palace which was built by the Roman empire, around 300 A.D, is one of the best preserved Roman ruins. Inside, you will find lots of shops and restaurants and residents which makes the visitor feel like they are at a clash of civilizations between the Roman Empire and today’s Croatia.


5) Hvar

Blue Caves Near Hvar

It’s an island a few hours away from Split. It is mostly covered by low trees and the beach area is mostly rocky. It has a beautiful “Stari Grad” or Old Town. In the main town, you can find a plaza, a port and lots of restaurants. The restaurants are mostly Italian as they cater to the Italian tourists that come for their beach vacation. The best part of Hvar is that about an hour away by boat are the Blue Caves which are very similar to the blue caves in Italy but still worth a visit.