Stockholm is an awesome city to visit, here are my reasons of recommending this city to anyone!

1) Palaces: Stockholm has two beautiful palaces the Drottingholm Palace and The Royal Palace.

Drottingholm Palace
2) Architecture: Stockholm has a big influence to foreign architects throughout history and since it was not effected by many wars like other European cities, the buildings remain intact.
View of stockholm from a boat


3) Stockholm’s Waterways:¬†You can explore Stockholm by water or take the boat to the Drottingholm palace to see beautiful nature around the city.
Waterway’s of Stockholm

4) Food: Swedish food does not only consists of Swedish meatballs but of so many more delicious dishes. From pancakes to fish, there is unique simple food to try.

5) Biking: For those that love to bike, the city is on wheels. Perfect for a cycling holiday or for those of us that can’t master days on a bike, it is a great way to discover the city.