There is no easy way to get over someone, regardless of whether it was a week long relationship or a few years. However, I have decided to jot down my own ways that have helped me deal with the many heartbreaks that I had.

Book a Trip
This is the best way to forget someone. This will give you a new project to focus on – new places to visit. It will also make you realize how insignificant your break up is compared to the large world which is impossible to discover in a lifetime. If you decide to go on a tour, you will be surrounded by people where you can meet new friends and gain new insights. If you plan to go solo, it’s great to do some soul searching which will help you move forward until you meet someone amazing! For those on a budget, I found even going to a small new city/village closest to your home where you have not yet been before helps as well. Even going to a book store to figure out where you would want to go to next, allows you to escape your own thoughts!

Go to a new neighborhood in your city 
There is always something new to discover in your city. Now is the best time to go wandering around a new place. Check out cool stores for some shopping therapy and grab your camera to take some cool new photos.This will not only get you out of the house (which is always a good thing) but also allow you to get out of your comfort zone and get a new perspective.

Get together with your closest friends or family
This goes without saying. Your support system is there for you when you need them! Now is a good time to reach out and get together for coffee, lunch, brunch or whatever.

Go to a new coffee shop 
A city is usually filled with Starbucks but there are also a lot of small coffee shops, and I bet you have not even tried half of them! In Toronto for example, there are over 30 coffee shop which I counted within 20 minutes walking time to where I used to work. Just do not forget to order water with your cappuccino so you stay hydrated as you try to visit as many as you can. And who knows, maybe you will meet the right person while searching for the perfect cup of joe.

Clean the house
Cleaning your house or your room helps you get rid of anything that might remind you of your past love. The physical exercise is always good for quieting your mind. Think of it as a new start, while at it try re-decorating your house!