A lot of the time when we travel, we fall in love with the different cultures we find abroad. Upon returning home, we sometimes become nostalgic of our times there. I found that to be the case after visiting Scandinavia. So, for those who love Denmark or for those that have yet to venture north and want to experience an authentic taste of Denmark locally in Toronto, the Danish Pastry House is for you.

They sell traditional bread and delicious pastries that are made fresh daily behind the counter as well as Danish coffee and wedding cakes! The pastries are served in creative packaging which has holes designed not only for branding purposes but because their pastries are so fresh without any preservatives, they need to breathe and be consumed preferably the same day.


It is one of my favourite coffee shops just outside of Toronto especially when I’m nostalgic. What are your favourite spots for pastries and coffee?
Creative yet practical
Caffee Latte made from Danish Coffee Beans