Arriving in High Heels is a mobile app development company based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus is developing apps that help users solve a problem, whether that’s getting out of debt, keeping track of where they’ve been, or getting in shape with Nordic Walking.

Our apps are built to help people solve a wide range of problems, here’s a few examples of how our apps help:

  1. How many countries have I been to? Answer: Visited App, you can input all countries that you have been to, and see them all on a personalized map.
  2. If I had $500 this month, which of my debts should I pay off? Answer: Pay Off Debt, add your debts and see where you can save the most on interest and the timeline of your debt.
  3. How can I stay motivated while doing Nordic Walking? Answer: XWalk, by selecting a interesting hiking trails near you and walking them you can stay motivated.


Visited: Travel app created for the purpose of inspiring international travel. Over 1.2 Million Downloads.

Pay Off Debt: App inspired to help people get out of debt. The only app that shows you how to best allocate extra funds.

XWalk: A nordic walking app that not only tracks your progress but also inspires to continue staying fit with top 25 famous hikes.


Founded by Anna, who has an MBA specializing in Marketing. She has helped many marketing agencies drive app downloads and sales with data backed insights. Her work experience includes working at Harlequin, Eloqua and Sunwing Airlines. The apps created by Arriving In High Heels, were a direct need for getting fit, getting out of debt and keeping track of travels.

Our mobile development is being led by Brian. He is a senior mobile developer, with over 10 years of mobile app development experience. His portfolio contains: BMO’s Investorline, Swiss Chalet, Rosita Longevity and has helped mobile app agencies train their devs. He is also the author of Flutter Cookbook and is tech editor of Dart Apprentice.

Design is one of the main aspects of making apps. However, the functionality also matters. Olga is an experienced UI/UX designer who understands that user experience matters. Her approach to design is being simple yet practical.

With the popularity of apps, grows the demand for new features and answering user’s questions. Irina whose background is in marketing, helps maintain user’s satisfaction by replying to reviews and emails. Success would not be possible with the direct interaction between the developer, designer, marketer and users.