Summary: Arriving in High Heels has created an Android version of its Visited app, now available on the Google Play Store, to help people track their destinations and realize their travel aspirations.

Visited App for Android

Toronto, Canada – Arriving in High Heels has today announced the release of their Visited app on the Google Play Store, making the popular customizable travel app available to Android users for the first time. The app is available to download now free of charge, and can help people achieve their travel aspirations by allowing them to keep deep metrics on their travel history.

Features of the Visited App include marking countries as “live” “been” and “want”, to establish an itinerary of past, present and future travels. The app also allows users to share their World Map via Social Media, SMS or email. This app goes beyond the countries to allow a drill down to states and provinces visited.

A spokesperson for Arriving in High Heels explained, “We are pleased to be able to launch this new version of our popular app. Our website has full details of the new launch, as does the official Google Play listing, which offers a comprehensive rundown of all the features and functions. We are thrilled to be able to open this app up to the majority of smartphone users for the first time. We have taken great pains to ensure the transition to the new platform is seamless, so we encourage as many people as possible to download this newly available version.”

About Arriving in High Heels: Arriving in High Heels is a company that specializes in building out compelling and functional travel apps. Their vision is to provide inspiration via digital media and mobile platforms to those who love and dream of travel. They also help make the journey easier with helpful travel tips and itineraries. Their site includes a regularly updated blog sharing travel stories from around the world.