Architecture has existed for as long as man kind, and it has also evolved during time.  After asking the opinions of people who are either architects or enjoy architecture, I was able to come up with a list of cities which have the best architecture around the world. What do you think is missing from the list?

1) Barcelona, Spain – Often referred to as Gaudi’s city, it has very unique and modern buildings and different styles. It is the top city for architecture.

Gaudi’s House, Barcelona, Spain

2) Rome, Italy–  It is the city where all the roads lead to. It is also a city where you can find ancient, Medieval and Renaissance/Baroque architecture in one place.

Rome, Italy

3) Berlin, Germany – A city which has different periods represented, as it was rebuilt more than once. It is also interesting to go from East to West to see if you can spot differences in structure and feeling.

Berlin, Germany

4) Tokyo, Japan – Has Japanese style Modernism and Urbanism. The city is probably one of the most modern and futuristic cities of the world.

5) New York, USA – The city of skyscrapers! There are different types of skyscrapers and you cannot beat the view of different buildings from the Empire State building.

New York City, from Empire State Building

6) Paris, France– Although it lacks diversity as London or Berlin, it has wonders through the city including Cathedrals, sewers, and monuments which are not to be missed.

Paris, France

7) St. Petersburg, Russia – It is a city built off the design of Paris and Amsterdam, as Peter the Great studied and planned to build his empire based on the best designs of Europe at the time.

St. Petersburg, Russia

What is your favorite city for architecture?