Sometimes you find yourself lost and in need of some soul searching. Everytime I travel, I discover something new about myself. That is why sometimes I like to travel alone as I find it has a positive impact on my life. I have decided to share with you the places where I think solo soul searching can be done.

1) Any coast of Ireland:

The rainy weather and the beautiful green hills with coastline makes it a perfect place to get to your inner self. Also, Ireland is a very safe country for solo travellers and the friendliness of the people makes it a welcoming environment. And if you get bored with yourself, it’s a perfect place to join the locals for a Guinness!

2) Paris, France

Paris in the Rain

In Paris, the possibilities of discovering yourself are endless from sitting in a cafe people watching to going from gallery to gallery, there is a place for anyone. I have happened to discover something new every time I visited Paris. For the artistic ones, it will bring inspiration. After all, a lot of great novelists have written about Paris for a reason!

Beach in St Maarten

3) On a Beach in St. Maarten

This is an odd choice I admit (also an expensive one). However, one my old friends was going through a rough time and decided to go on a two week beach vacation by himself to St. Maarten (any beach destination will do). As a result… he came back, went back to school and completely changed his life around. Be cautioned though, he said the first three days were hell as everyone was either on a family vacation or a honeymoon.

4) Countryside near your house

German Countryside

Somedays when you desperately need some solo time to reflect, it is usually the around the time you cannot get vacation off work or your low on finances to jet off to France. However, I found that even driving a couple of hours out of the city to the countryside does the trick as well! (If you live in the countryside or a small town going to a big city close by maybe the trick as well.)

5) Napa Valley, California
The vineyards and the relaxing spa atmosphere can be soothing for the soul. It will also de-stress you and allow you to think clearer, assuming of course you do not over consume the great wine from the region. There is never a shortage of activities to choose from to inspire you and change the course of your life.

Wherever you choose to go, make sure you pick a place you will be comfortable and a place where you can discover something new. And most importantly, do not forget to bring a notepad and a pen to record all those brilliant ideas that you will forget as soon as you start unpacking your bag!