Cannes Film Festival is considered the best film festival in the world. It is closed to the public, although local residents and film enthusiasts can find their way in (as I did last year). However, after visiting it last year, I would suggest that the Toronto Film Festival and Venice’s Film Festival are much better for the film lovers.

How to Get In If you are Not Industry? 
Simple, you will have to apply for a movie enthusiast’s pass. It is 100% free, you will just need proof that you belong to a movie club, have an IMDB profile as a member of the film industry or are a student/teacher in the film industry. After you submit your application with a letter of why you need to go, you will have to wait to see if you get in. Once you have the pass, it is free for you to attend the screenings. However, to get access to the screening you will have to go to the office to pick up same day tickets and line up for about an hour or two before screenings. Even with the ticket it is not guaranteed that they will let you in!!! Keep in mind that most movies that you will watch are not the ones in competition.
Reason’s why I did not like this festival: 
1) You cannot get access to latest films which are part of the competition
2) Selection of films presented at the Cannes Film festival was much smaller than other festivals
3) Jury for film is not based on public but based on selection from industry.
4) Overpriced and small setting of Cannes makes it unaffordable for people to enjoy films
5) Apart from good food and beautiful sea side, there was nothing but an overpriced hype with a few celebrities.
Behind the Scenes- Cannes Port
Cannes City Centre
The stars on the red carpet in Cannes
Film Promoters during Cannes
Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival