China – The Ever Changing Country

When people speak about China, they tend to fixate themselves on it's ancient history with the Great Wall, the Forgotten Palace and the Terracotta Warriors. But this vast country, the size of the US, and with the largest population in the world, is rapidly transforming from an emerging, underdeveloped economy to an Asian Tiger powerhouse [...]

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Guide to Sri Lanka

Only 12 years ago, Sri Lanka was in the midst of a brutal civil war between the insurgency force known as the “Tamil Tigers” – which was a paramilitary force fighting for independence in the predominantly Hindu Tamil north of the country – and the government in Colombo, which was predominantly Buddhist. However, the civil [...]

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The country absent of travellers (Malaysia)

Malaysia is surprisingly often absent from many travellers itineraries who are travelling around South East Asia. This could be because it's a little more expensive than hot destinations such as Thailand and Vietnam, or perhaps it's the fact that alcohol is heavily taxed and so Malaysia is definitely not the place to go to for [...]

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India’s Diversity

Travellers for years have been flocking to the sub-continent of India for a variety of reasons. From the beautiful coastal regions to the south, the intense spiritual points throughout, or the Himalayas to the north, India has a little something for everyone. Home to a number of famous points of interest and also playing host [...]

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Myanmar A Must Visit!

Myanmar Myanmar, given its rich historical, cultural, traditional and geographical endowments, offers a wide variety of tourist attraction sites, both known and unknown. Myanmar hosts some of the most famous tourist destination sites in the world. Top 5 Tourist Attraction Sites in Myanmar   1) Shwedagon Pagoda It is also known as the Great Dagon [...]

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