The Making of Scotch or Whiskey

According to Scotch-whisky.org, there are 38 scotch bottles shipped internationally every second. There are also just over 100 distilleries throughout Scotland. I was fortunate to visit one of them, The Deanston, which is located not far from Stirling. I have taken a few photos, which you should never attempt to make with a flash (the [...]

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Luxembourg: The Small Rich EU Country

Luxembourg has 3 official languages - French, German and Luxembourgish which is a mix of French and German. Although small, this country is extremely wealthy having the highest nominal GDP per capita in the world, and second highest PPP GDP per capita in the world. With a high minimum wage, and a low unemployment rate, [...]

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Top 3 Attractions to See in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a rarely visited city in Scandinavia. However, it does have interesting attractions to offer travellers who are tired of the crowds. Here are my top 3 attractions: 1) Kamppi Chapel of Silence This chapel is a hidden treasure of silence and peace in this busy Scandinavian city which was recently built in 2012. [...]

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Icelandic Horses

One cannot visit Iceland without spotting the famous Icelandic Horse. Looking more like a pony, these horses were brought to Iceland by Norse settlers and were bred from ponies until they evolved into today's icelandic horse. They come in different colors but their main feature is their fur and fabulously styled hair! Icelandic Horses Horse [...]

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The Baltics – Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia

Although not as common as other European destinations, the Baltics are a great destination for those seeking to see more of Europe and its hidden gems. Exploring these capital cities is affordable with many clean and comfortable hostels at budget friendly prices as well as delicious culinary experiences also at affordable prices. It is very [...]

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