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The Great White North

Canada is one of those countries which is often high on everyone's potential “To Travel To” bucket list. The images of vast mountain ranges, wide open prairie skies, coastal forests and sprawling cities hopping with excitement are enough to encourage anyone to take a trip to the Great White North. Canada is the second biggest [...]

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The English Traveller

English is one of the most internationally spoken languages in the world. If English was a person, it would have travelled to 26.4% of our planet.  English is spoken in 65 countries mostly in North America (31% of all countries), Africa (31% of all countries) and Oceania (20% of all countries).  It is the 3rd [...]

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Places In US Worth Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

USA provides a perfect getaway destination for leisure, business and international travel. Some of America’s best spots for vacation getaways range from preserved monuments, iconic landmarks to the most incredible services. Undeniable elegant affordable services with undisputed quality service delivery will make your stay more than comfortable. Below is a list of best destinations in [...]

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Top things to do in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Mayan Riviera is famous for its all inclusive resorts and as a vacation spot. However, it is also a great place to go for adventure travel and visit archaeological spots! Snorkelling: Riveria Maya has some of the best spots for spotting Sea Turtles and exploring the beautiful coral reef in the region. Cenote is a [...]

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Cleveland – Any Town USA with a twist!

Cleveland is an unlikely city that travellers from around the world should put on their map. After all, if you think it is just like any other town in the USA, think again!!! Located on Lake Erie in the state of Ohio, Cleveland is the home of Cleveland Cavaliers, Indians, and Cleveland Browns. However, sports [...]

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Toronto’s taste of Argentina

Cafe Caramelo with Alfajores Argentina is very famous for their steaks, but let's not forget about the delicious empanadas and for those with a sweet tooth, all the decadences with "dulce de leche". For those that live in Toronto, and like unique coffee shops that differ from the traditional Starbucks experience, there is La Merceria. [...]

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Visiting TIFF as a Local

As a Torontonian and a TIFF member, I have been attending the Toronto International Film Festival for over 10 years. This year I decided to share my favorite ways to experience the festival (on top of the great movies)! 1) Cafe Crepe - A perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat at affordable [...]

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