Type of Visitor are you?

We all know that people travel for different reasons. Some for beach, history, museums,. shopping, festivals and the list goes on. Here are the different types of destinations by traveler type: Beach - probably the most popular type of traveler is the one in search of the beach. This is not surprising as most people [...]

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Travel Hack – How to find the Best Food Abroad

Food, some may argue, is one of the best experiences when one travels if one gets lucky with their restaurants. Finding an authentic and well-priced restaurant with great grub can be tricky especially when travelling in highly touristy areas such as Paris or London. Prix-fix menus and serves on the street ushering you in can get really [...]

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2017 – Where to Visit

1. Canada Marking the 150th anniversary of the True North strong and free, all Canadian National Parks will have free admission in celebration. Making beautiful landscapes from coast to coast the perfect escape any season. From the enormous and powering snow covered Canadian Rockies in beautiful British Columbia and Alberta, to the quaint laid-back east [...]

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Top visited Countries in the World

With 2016 just around the corner, its time once again to make your traveling resolutions. Will you travel to far off destinations hitherto unseen by anyone before or will you explore the well trodden road?  Does the beach and tortoise waters call your name or are more intrigued to be surrounded by history and intrigue? [...]

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James Bond – Locations

If James Bond used Visited App, he would be ranked at the top 3% of all travellers with 48 countries visited since 1962. See how you compare, by creating your own Free Map with Visited App. James Bond - Visited Map

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