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Belize – The ultimate destination in Central America

Belize really is an enigma when it comes to Central America: For starters, it's official language is not Spanish, but English, a testament to how it was colonised successfully by the British. It is also unique in that it is the only country in Central America that doesn't have it's coastline on the pacific ocean, [...]

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If you only travelled for Olympics?

Rio, Brazil is hosting the 2016 Olympics. It is the first South American country to do so. Olympics have only been held in 9.3% of all of the world's countries. If you visited only countries that host Olympics you would be in the top 15% of all travellers. (As per Visited App). The majority of [...]

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Perito Moreno Glaciers in Patagonia, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glaciers in Patagonia, Argentina is worth the money and time it takes to get there. Flight from Buenos Aires can cost as much as $300 US dollars to El Calafate, after which it is about a 2 hour bus ride to the Los Galciares National Park. You can book the tour right in [...]

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A Man’s Search for Love in Latin America

When I was in a hostel in Brazil, I met a very interesting British guy who was a professor from Paris. After spending a few days chatting over breakfast, I was fascinated with their lifestyles. Photo of Rio Taken From Sugar Loaf The Professor was, in my mind, straight out of a fiction book! He [...]

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