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Meet the Mobile Developer Behind the App, Visited

Meet Brian Kayfitz the developer behind Visited as he answers the most asked questions among other mobile developers. How did the idea come about? My girlfriend now wife, could not keep track of all the countries that she has visited. She would spend the good duration of our flights back home counting the number of [...]

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Arriving in High Heels Launches Android Version Of Popular Visited App On Google Play Store

Summary: Arriving in High Heels has created an Android version of its Visited app, now available on the Google Play Store, to help people track their destinations and realize their travel aspirations. Toronto, Canada - Arriving in High Heels has today announced the release of their Visited app on the Google Play Store, making the [...]

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The Power of Travel AppsĀ 

Here at Arriving in High Heels, we all love to travel! We get such excitement when we start planning our next trip. After all, with the world being such a big place, the possibilities are endless. With each trip that comes along, everyone has their own way of preparing for it. Some people might look [...]

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