Carry-on essentials

The biggest advantage of the carry-on bag is that it travels with you and is handled by you. There is absolutely no dependency on airport authorities and baggage guys. There are two scenarios having a carry-on bag. You are travelling light and there are no checked bags. The other scenario is when you checked in [...]

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Top sight-seeing locations in Bhutan

The "land of thunderbolt" as it is also known as Bhutan. It remains one of the least visited places. Seems even the most enthusiastic travelers do not deem it worthy of those cheap flights from SLC. I guess they have no idea what they are missing out on. This is land of so much to [...]

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Top Cities to Visit in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a wonderful, diverse country nestled in the heart of Europe north of Austria, west of Poland, east of Germany, and north east of Slovakia. The capital city, Prague, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to take in the cobbled streets, medieval churches and back alleys that twist and turn [...]

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