Skiing (or snowboarding) is a rich man’s sport. However, for those of us that love it, we can find an alternative. In North America, the average ski pass will cost you upwards of $100 per day, add a hotel and transportation and you may as well go to Europe in the summer. For those in Europe, skiing in the alps will cost you more than 50 Euros per day. However, there are alternatives. After doing some searching, I have found a list of more affordable options! Here is it is:

North America:
Snowbird, Utah – Depending on the day that you choose to go, tickets may be as cheap as $45 per day. It is located a short drive from Salt Lake City, Utah. And has one of the highest peaks with elevations above 3,000 meters. (Could cause altitude sickness, or so I was told!)

Mad River Glen, located in Vermont tickets range from $60 to $75 per day which is cheaper than the popular Stowe, Vermont where tickets start at over $100.  The distance between the two ski resorts is about a 30 to 40 minute drive. These are also one of the only places in US to have a single ski chair. So if you are tired of listening to other people’s conversations, this is a perfect place for you!

Mont- Sainte- Anne, Quebec, Canada – It is located only 40 minutes north east of Quebec City. It charges $75 per day to ski. However to get to Quebec City maybe a bit more tricky. Another alternative is Mont Tremblant, located about an hour from Montreal, which charges $82 per day but if you plan to ski for more than a day, the price drops it to $65 per day!

Giant Mountains, Czech Republic: Could be accessed from Prague which is beautiful at anytime of the year! It costs about 20 Euros for the day, with cheap options for accommodation and over 20 different resorts to choose from. It is located in the Northeast part of Czech and boarders Poland. The highest mountain reaches 1,600 meters above sea level.

Popova Sapka, Macedonia: This is a great alternative to expensive Austrian ski resorts. Day pass will cost you about 15 Euros for the day with hotels being priced at around 30 Euros per night. You can take a bus from the Skopje airport with flights arriving from Rome, Vienna, London, and other European capitals. Altitudes reach about 2,500 meters above sea water.

Cervino, Italy:  It is located close to the famous Mount Blanc and is bordering Switzerland’s ski resorts, but at a fraction of the price. Ski Lift tickets start at 20 Euros per day. Offering cheap and great food, and affordable accommodation. This is a perfect spot for anyone who wants to skip the hype of Chamonix Mont Blanc, which charges 58 Euros per day.

The rest of the world:
New Zealand – Has some of the world’s best skiing and for those of us coming from North America or Europe, we can ski in the summer as a bonus for snow enthusiasts. Tickets typically are around $90-$100NZ which equates to about $75 US per day.

Chile– Is the place for advanced and expert skiing with offers packages for a week long stay starting from $2,000 with ski lift and hotel included and is not super expensive. However, you do need to get to Santiago, Chile, which will ultimately increase your cost tremendously. But it will be a hell of a trip!