As a traveller, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up with the excitement of going abroad and forget about exploring your own city and enjoying the thrills and sights it has to offer. We often take our current surroundings for granted and value foreign places more than our own. Living in one of the most multicultural cities of the world, here is something that any Torontonian needs to do and any tourist to T.O should do.

CN Tower
CN Tower in Toronto, Canada

The CN Tower is the 3ed highest tower in the world after the Tokyo SkyTree in Japan and Canton Tower in China. The CN Tower gives you a 360 view of Toronto and Lake Ontario and is located right next to the Rogers Centre which is home to the Toronto Blue Jays and Ripleys’ Aquarium of Canada home to 14,000 fish.

The CN Tower, besides an amazing view, offers an EdgeWalk which is perfect for those seeking adventure and adrenaline but not for those with a fear of heights. Starting on April 14 2014, the EdgeWalk season is open and allows visitors to go outside at a height of 116 stories and lean back over the city while harnessed of course. The EdgeWalk holds the World Record for highest outdoor walk in the world as of date.