View from the top Karlovy Vary

Next spot was Karlovy Vary, a beautiful luxurious spa which is famously known for the movie Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. Staying at the 5 star Hotel Pupp, we had an amazing breakfast and dinner at the hotel with luxurious sauna. The views of the city were incredible from the top and the town is highly recommended to anyone who is visiting Czech Republic. This time it was my grandma’s turn to be confused. When the hotel got us a taxi, it was not really a taxi but a private car that would take us to the train station. Not only did it cost less than the taxi we took to the hotel, but it was also the most comfortable ride I ever had. While enjoying it, my grandma was freaking out that it is was not a licensed driver and that we would have to pay a lot of money for this and she was concerned for our safety.  A small difference in cultures indeed.

Kutna Hora- Sedlec Ossuary

Since we like to go to not only places which are considered a must see, we wanted to see the country from all aspects and decided to go to České Budějovice. A city which has a beautiful old square and beautiful church as well as being an important political and economic center for the Bohemian province.  Going to the main city’s store which was a smaller version of Wal Mart, my grandmother felt right at home and really enjoyed her visit to the store while my sister looked at the horror at the prices and clothes which were on sale. To her, they were overpriced!

The trip concluded with a trip to Kutna Hura, where you can find thousands of skulls on display inside Sedlec Ossuary. The city also has the famous St. Barbara’s Church.  This was a nice balance where West meets East. While the differences were minor, this was Czech Republic – a Westernized version of Eastern Europe! My personal perspective is that both western and eastern cultures have positive and negative aspects that are to be admired. And that is the beauty of travelling – discovering a new perspecitive, appreciating what you have and changing your attitude.