Staying in an igloo hotel is a once in a lifetime experience, and is the perfect accommodation for those venturing to the northern parts of the world in Finland. There are a couple of igloo hotels in the world, but only a few offer glass igloos in addition to those made of snow and ice. When travelling to Finland, I decided to take a free on board wifi flight by Norwegian air from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, and cross the Arctic Circle line. Visiting this northern destination requires warm clothing, but also opens the door to visiting Santa’s village, and activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and seeing reindeer.

The glass igloos in Rovaniemi, Finland offers your own private bathroom equipped with shower, as well as a well-heated room. The best feature of these rooms is the Northern Lights Alarm that will ring and wake you up during the night if the Aurora Borealis are in the night sky. The Arctic Snow Hotel offers snowshoeing, saunas and hot tubs, as well as free access to the entire resort. The resort includes tens of rooms made of ice and snow with unique themes and designs, an ice restaurant, an ice chapel, and of course the ice bar that cannot be missed. Every year the hotel is rebuilt with a completely new design which creates a unique experience for every visitor.

All in all, although a bit costly, given the location and climate of this destination, it is well worth this unique experience that is truly breath taking.