Grandhotel Pupp is one of those majestic hotels that you feel as if you are living in luxury in another world. I first learned about this hotel from a movie called “Last Holiday” staring Queen Latifah, who plays a store clerk that gets diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to make the most of her remaining time by going to Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary. There, she meets with a famous French chef played by Gerard Depardieu who is not only an incredible actor but also a well-known foodie.

Grandhotel Pupp

As per usual, after watching a film shot in a location that I have not yet visited I get inspired to pack my bags and go. In this case I was inspired not only by the beauty and magic of the city, but also by the beauty of the hotel. A few years later when I had a chance to go to the Czech Republic, I made it my priority to not only go to Karlovy Vary but to stay at Grandhotel Pupp even if for just one night to experience the luxury and beauty that was showcased in the movie.

Upon arrival at the train station of this spa town, a short taxi ride got us to the front of the hotel. Looking at the building, I knew I made the right choice. For those that watched the movie, you would remember the beautiful ceiling that made the actress cry upon her arrival. This was actually not part of the hotel and was shoot at another location, however, you will not be disappointed at the art work that hangs on their walls, or the long corridors covered in gold with long high windows.
View from hotel

The rooms are very spacious, they look like mini apartments with lovely views of either hills or the beautiful town with a creek running through it. All the furniture is comfortable but antique which makes you feel like royalty or at least an aristocrat from the 1800s.

The wellness center contains a traditional Sauna, Hot Tab, Jacuzzi and Steam room. The perfect combination in the winter and it is free of charge to people staying at the hotel unlike other Wellness centers in town.
The breakfast and dinner buffets, while not being as large as those found in American hotels, had a lot of variety of superb quality dishes even if we did not have the chance to meet a “Gerard Depardieu” chef.
Karlovy Vary

The visit was complete with a parting gift of a local waffle and a private car complete with a chauffeur in a luxury Mercedes Benz who not only drove carefully through the scenic town but also charged us less than the ride from the Train station in a regular taxi.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Karlovy Vary! It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic and it’s surely worth spending a bit of extra money to live in style and be pampered even if its just for one night!