Today the Honda Indy has begun in Toronto.  For the car enthusiast it is the biggest event in Toronto for motor sports. The second biggest event in Motor sports after Grand Prix in Montreal.

The big difference between Formula One and Honda Indy is the fact that in Honda Indy all cars are essentially the same, which relies solely on the driver’s capabilities. As opposed to Formula One in Indy the auto manufactures compete for their technology. The other difference is the cost. Monte Carlo Grand Prix starts at 70 Euros per person for the day of the race compared to 60 Dollars for the same equivalent of Toronto. Monte Carlo, being an expensive place, also means that you rely on the train system and expensive accommodations of Nice. Toronto on the other hand keeps reasonable prices and the race place can be easily accessed by car with a small fee for the parking.

In case you would like to see the race but do not want to pay, you can stand at the west side of the Ontario place right across from exhibition place on Lakeshore for free. The bike lane is available there.

The other difference is that the Indy racing takes place mostly in North America, with the exception of Sao Paulo Brazil this year. Formula one is held around the world including Montreal, the only Canadian location.

For those who are planning to be around Ontario place, please note that Lakeshore will be closed for the almost 3KM race. If you are not a motor sports fan, this weekend in Toronto still has a lot to offer. From Salsa on St. Clair to flower market there are numerous summer events going on and can be checked out at  BlogTo.