Terror Museum, Budapest

House of Terror is a museum found in the middle of Budapest, Hungry. It was established in 2002 in order to exhibit the terror that took place in Hungry during the 20th century under the Fascist and Communist regimes. The museum’s building was used by both the communist and fascist secrete service. It is one of the most popular visited museums in Budapest. It shows old equipment used, and tells a history of its people as well as acting as a memorial for those that were effected by the historical events.

While exhibiting the somewhat creepy museum which told stories of its victims, I could not help but wonder how you can compare a facist movement of world war II to Communists. According to Wikipedia, in Hungry during World War II 300,000 Hungarian soldiers died and 600,000 civilians. During the communist era which did last for 40 years, there were approximately 10,000 executions and thousands of imprisonments. While I can agree that there was terror with both parties, I disagree with the museum’s focus on mostly communism and equating both of them.

While I have not lived through these events, judging by the stats there were more killings during World War II and if you were not of the opposite political view or spoke against the communist party, you were not the target. While during the Facist movement, if you were of a Roma or Jewish decent you would be automatically targeted.

I also disagree with the museum’s entrance fees. If it is a monument and a historic museum, then there should not be a fee associated with its entrance or the fee should be going towards helping the survivors of the period.

Save your time and money and visit other places in an otherwise beautiful city!