Do you ever just want to get in a car and drive? I have outlined some amazing road trips in North America that are worth a drive.

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

1) The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia
To enjoy this trail, you will need at least 2 days where you can pull over to enjoy the views of the Atlantic Ocean and natural mountains. For those that enjoy hiking, you may want to take more time to hike the many trails that are available. Watch out for deer and other wildlife such as moose, deer, bald eagles and sea birds.

2) Route 66
Being a big part of US history, as it was the original highway that was built. This route will make you feel like you are in a Western movie with Motels, diners and cafes which serve as a Nostalgic reminder.An extra bonus is the Grand Canyon  which is one of the world’s natural wonders and deserves a trip of its’ own.

Drive in the Keys, Florida

3) The Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West, Florida
About a 4 hour drive from Miami, this highway goes on t
op of the blue water throughout the Keys. The most breathtaking part of the journey is the 7 Mile Bridge where you feel like you are in the air and are astonished by what mankind has achieved. For those with a bit more time, you can check out the Everglades National Park.

4) “Big Sur”, California
“Big Sur” is a stretch of coastal road between L.A and San Francisco, with the total drive taking about 6 hours. Stretching for only 140 KMs, you will find mountains and the ocean coming together in perfect harmony. Along the way you can find small coves which are stunning in beauty. And do not forget that from the beginning of your journey to the end, lies a big metropolitan with unlimited sightseeing possibilities.

5) Trans-Canada Highway, Rocky Mountains

Trans Canada Highway in Alberta

Trans Canada highway crosses ten Provinces and goes from the Atlantic to Pacific coast and stretches across three time zones. To do it from start to finish, it will take you over 70 hours of driving. You can make the journey shorter by driving through only the Rocky Mountains. This scenic mountain drive is perfect for those that love the outdoors, with wildlife, hiking, and natural springs there is no shortage of outdoor activities.