Myanmar, given its rich historical, cultural, traditional and geographical endowments, offers a wide variety of tourist attraction sites, both known and unknown. Myanmar hosts some of the most famous tourist destination sites in the world.
Top 5 Tourist Attraction Sites in Myanmar
1) Shwedagon Pagoda
It is also known as the Great Dagon Pagoda. The Shwedagon Pagodais located in Yangon and stands at 99 meters tall on the Singuttara Hill. It definitely dominates the skyline of Yangon. Archaeologists maintain that it was built between the 6th and 10thcentury. It is the centre of Buddhism in Myanmar and probably the oldest Pagoda in the world with tons of gold and a great collection of arts.The Great Dagon Pagoda is made of bricks with gold plates, a bell shaped part, a turban and finally the inverted alms bowl. The crown is tipped with 5,448 diamonds and 2,317 rubies.
Ancient city if Myanmar with more than 2000 ancient pagodas and stupas. The red bricks and stucco religious monuments were built in the 11th and 13th century. The magnificent architecture and paintings, brilliant carvings and elegant Buddha images are all a tale of the rich ancient culture and history of the Bagan dynasty. 
Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda – the Golden Rock
This is a large natural rock covered in gold and stands on the edge of a natural rock pillar. Many Buddhists from all over the world believe that it holds magical power. This golden rock is open to visitors during the cool dry season.
This can be stated as the cultural capital of Myanmar given that it was the last Royal capital of Burmese kings. It is the second largest city of Burma and is located between the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River and the Shan plateau. It is considered as the center of Burmese culture. The traditional artists still produce the best Myanmar arts and crafts. The sacred Mandalay hill towers over the city.
Mandalay Palace
While visiting Mandalay, you can partake various activities such as river cruises, trekking, Mergui Islands Adventures and hot air balloons.

Inle Lake
A huge lake over Shan State Highland, 1000 meters above sea level and home to Inthas who have built their wooden or bamboo houses on the water. Their livelihood majorly depends on the lake. One very interesting and unique culture and tradition that you should see and maybe try out is how they row boats with their feet.  
You can have a boat ride and visit the famous floating market, and the floating Phaungdawoo Pagoda. A major attraction for visitors during the months of September and October is The Hpaung Daw U Festival that lasts for more than three weeks and is closely followed by the Thadingyut festival lights.
Floating gardens with tomatoes and flowers is another beautiful scenery that you can expect to see in the Inle Lake.

Other places that you can visit while in Myanmar include Ngwe Saving Beach, Ngapali beach, Myeik, the Irrawaddy, Monywa, Kalaw, Pindaya, kyang Tong and Mawlamyine. For more information, check out this blog