We all dream about meeting the right person in a Hollywood or Romantic way. While walking down the street in St. Petersburg, while skiing in the Alps or sitting next to a good looking guy on a plane. However, it does not always happen this way. While I have met people who have found their love that way and I have met people in a natural situation as well, it is not always the case. Sometimes you have to stack the deck in your favor to meet someone. That’s where online dating comes into play. While, it is terribly unromantic and to some of us frightening, it is a great way to find information about a person in a very quick way. You can find out the person’s relationship status, education and interests within minutes! But after countless dates, how do you keep yourself motivated to continue to go on dates to meet new people while you would rather stay home and watch a movie or an HBO show. Below was my somewhat mathematical approach:

1) Start by making a list of all the coffee shops you want to visit. It is not only a great meet-up place but will give you the positive attitude before you get there. It’s a great way to sight see your own home town.

2) After going on a couple of dates, I would make sure to get myself a piece of cake as a treat. That was my treat.

3) After meeting ten different guys whom I had zero chemistry with I realized that I need to approach it from a friend prospective instead. I asked a lot of questions to learn about the person, but more importantly, to learn something. I approached it in a way I approach any new destination: with an appetite to learn the culture, cuisine, etc…

4) Book your next trip! It is unbelievable how I would meet the best people when I was about to go away. I think it is true what they say: you have to be happy before you can be happy with someone else. And well, what a better way to be happy then while you dream about your next destination?

5) If at a total despair, take a break but make sure to give it another try or try a different site!

Remember to keep a positive attitude. The right person is on the way. He is probably on the journey to your local airport.

Keep searching and travelling … 🙂