Lost Baggage? Overweight baggage fees? Extra bag fees? Broken back?

Who needs the headache? Pack light and pack efficient. Here are our packing hacks to make getting from Point A to Point B with all of your belongings easier and faster.
1. Carry-on only
Going for a short trip, pack only a carry on. Most airlines allow for 10kg of carry on weight and two bags letting you pack all you need in one small bag. Not only does this save you the cost of paying for your bags, but it also lets you get in and out of the airport a lot quicker. And they will never lose your bags too!
2. Fill up all gaps
Stuff smaller things into all possible gaps such as the ever common socks into shoes trick. This applies further to utilizing every single molecule of air found in your suitcase – roll your clothes to save space and also avoid the need to iron upon arrival. Last but not least, use the extension on your suitcase.
3. Leave extra space if you can for souvenirs on your return flight
If you are planning on buying things while abroad, be sure to leave some extra space in your bag or bring an extra empty bag with you so you can return with all of your souvenirs at minimal hassle.
4. Leave the extra stuff at home
Question everything you are about to put in your bag. Do you really need both a straightener and a curler? Do you really need to bring shampoo if you are staying in nice hotels that will provide you with it in the shower? Bring the bare necessities.
5. Clothing Choices
A pair of jeans can go a long way so why bring two? Travel in your most heaviest and biggest clothes so you can vacate space in your bag for the other stuff. Optimize your packing so you can optimize your budget abroad.