You can tell a lot about a culture by the way they park. To demonstrate this, I have put together a few travel photographs that I took throughout my travels.

Banff, Canada:
In Canada, there was so much snow that this car decided to park on top of a snow bank. There is so much snow that you can’t even make out the vehicle make/model of the other cars.


Amsterdam, Netherlands: 
As most people bike in Amsterdam, you are more likely to see a parking lot for bikes rather than cars.
Bike Parking in Amsterdam
Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil
Morro De Sao Paulo is a small island off the coast of Brazil where you will not find any cars. Actually, the only thing you will find with wheels are carts. Such as the “Quijo Na Brasa” cart which serves grilled salty cheese right on the beach.
Quijo na Brasa cart in Morro De Sao Paulo

Washington DC, USA
This is my favorite parking spot yet. I do not think I will ever be so lucky to park the way I parked in Washington. It was the Ronald Regan building which was right off the highway, and minutes from the White House and all the museums. It had high security, low cost and came with instructions on where your car was parked as you enter the elevators.

Washington DC parking reminder

 South Beach Miami, USA
This parking structure was mentioned on Extreme Parking. A show on the Travel Channel that I happened to catch while getting ready to go to thw Lincoln Road Mall for dinner. It does not only park cars but has a rooftop restaurant/lounge as well as shops on the first floor.

Sorrento, Italy
This was my parking job in the narrow streets of Sorrento where space is limited and in the summer months, the cars are unlimited. If you are lucky, you will have locals assisting you from the balconies and a Carabinieri smiling at you as you enter a pedestrian and local residence cars only street.

New York, USA
Most New Yorker’s take taxi’s or public transportation in New York as there is lack of space in the city and it is not an efficient way of commuting.  If you are coming from out of town and you decide to take your car into the city, do not be surprised to park it in this high rise parking structure.

New York Parking

Professional Car Parking, Indy Racing
At the Toronto Honda Indy race, you can see how the professionals park their cars by having a two story garage inside a track and having the tools required to fix it beneath it.

How do you park? What is your favorite parking spots?