Outside City Centre- Rhodes

Rhodes was at its height during the Roman and Byzantine empires and took centre stage again when it was conquered by the Knights of St. John. Today, it is a well known beach destination in the Summer and a sightseeing spot during your Greek Island cruise. The towns’ ancient ruins and  medival fortress which was built by the knights of St. John are not the only attractions. Around the ancient city and the island, you will find crystal clear blue waters and fishing villages along the way. Below is an itinerary for those on a short stay in Rhodes. The itinerary of most of my day during my cruise ship trip stay around the Greek Islands.

Start by visiting the Old Town of Rhodes which is a short walk from the port. Some highlights include the Mosque of Suleiman, Avenue of the knights and the Inns of the Knights. Prior to visiting the Palace of the Grand Masters, I would suggest grabbing a nice cup of coffee with a pastry and maybe trying Baklava. If you are there around lunch time, you will have an unlimited choice of restaurants to pick from. Continue your visit to the Palace of the Grand Masters which is unique as it is a fortress within a fortress. For those who know the story of the Medusa, you should not miss the Medusa Chamber.

Diving Board in Rhodes

After you had enough time and are tired of exploring the old town in the summer heat,  you should head down to the beach. Which while being crowded, does have enough space for you to swim in. For the more adventurous types, there is a triple level diving board right in the middle of the sea. If you were there during the same time I was, you may have spotted me on the edge for about 15 minutes prior to jumping from the lowest platforms. Do not get discouraged by the little kids who jump without fear.

For those with a bit more time, there is more stuff to see which includes the beautiful views of Moni Filerimou  (chapels covered with cypress and pine trees on the West side). In Lindos, you will find a small acropolis (compared to the one in Athens). Around the island, you will also find lots of white villages and more great beaches.