Iceland is a truly unique and extremely beautiful country. It does not look like any other European country. You will not be tired regardless of the level of intensity and length of your trip. Why? The answer will surprise you. It is a combination of super clean and fresh air, super clean, unbelievably tasty drinking water and beautiful, very hospitable, positive, honest and ready to help people. Many would say it is an expensive country. That’s right. You need to pay for quality. But it is so called well spend money. You won’t regret any dollar spent in this northern but very ‘warm’ country. So if you are persuaded to go to Iceland, here are some tips.

Iceland Travel

Icelandair is the company to go to Iceland. The service is impeccable and pilots know their job. Don’t forget Icelandic weather is changing very fast and who will know it better than natives.

Speaking of weather, it becomes windy, rainy, sunny, snowy in a matter of seconds. So be prepared – buy weatherproof clothes, use layers. It would be nice to buy emergency rain ponchos. They are weightless, can be put in a pocket so you can put them on in a second and your clothes remain dry. It is very handy even on a sunny day visiting multiple, gorgeous waterfalls of Iceland. The other important part is a pair of quality hiking boots. Don’t try to save on it. First, It is your safety and second, they will allow you to experience more when climbing and walking. Also speaking of weather, don’t panic if your rent car starts beeping when the temperature goes down to 4 degrees or lower. The reason is that the roads can become slippery very quickly at this temperature and the car smartly warns you to slow down and exercise caution.

Iceland is a super clean country. Icelanders love their land and care for it. In every place of danger you can see the warning signs, safety railings and even reinforced steps on some slopes. Don’t ignore them. The Icelanders put them carefully doing everything possible to ensure your safety and comfort. Some places like Reynisfjara beach, South Iceland, are beautiful but waves can be deadly. The beach is famous for so called sneaker waves. The danger is that these waves are unanticipated, very forceful and much higher than the ones preceding so stay at a safe distance and always follow the warning signs.

When visiting Geysirs stay at significant distance from the water eruption. Stick to the rules provided and remember that the water is extremely high and the nearest hospital is kilometers away.

Blue Lagoon is another popular place of interest. You may consider not to bring your own shampoo, hair conditioner and shower gel. Every shower cabin has a good quality products made with unique Blue Lagoon minerals. Also it would be nice to wear some sort of hat when you are in the Blue Lagoon water. Keep in mind that there is a significant contrast between the water and air temperatures. So be wise and protect yourself. If you decide to buy Blue Lagoon cosmetics do it at the airport you will save on taxes. Blue Lagoon is close to the airport and there are shuttles that go to and from the airport. If you have a flight back home in the afternoon, it may be a good idea to visit the Blue Lagoon early in the morning prior to your flight. It will be less crowded. Also they have a very good restaurant on site. Since the place is very popular make reservations online for both Blue Lagoon and Blue Lagoon restaurant well before you go.

Iceland is very popular destination today so book everything online prior to your trip. The country is super modern, safe, clean and high-tech. If you have been to Iceland or want to go, add it to your own customized map on the Visited app found on iOS and Android.

Happy Travels!