Impulsive travel is sometimes the best decision you can make however, sometimes you are kicking yourself when you can’t find a cheap hotel or you wait around for hours at a train station waiting for your next train as you just missed it.

I have recently, decided to book an international flight about 3 days before departure. This was not the smartest decision as flights tend to go up about 2 weeks prior to departure. However, I managed to find a deal and so here I was with a ticket and no itinerary, no accommodation and with a laundry basket full of clothes needing a wash.

After I set down and started to think, did I really just do this. Me? The person who loves to plan and buys travel guides and plans her trips 2-3 months in advance? Yup, I guess that’s the new me! So here are the steps that I have taken next:

  1. Went to look for transportation within Europe (as I was not going to stay in one spot for more than a day or two).
  2. Went to find accommodation
  3. Started to pack light but still thinking of all the possible activities.

That was it, I knew my hotels and train/flight schedule internally. The rest I left up in the air, left guides, advice, blogs and all other resources I use to plan at home.

You would not believe what happened next, with my lack of planning, I discovered the relaxed way of experiencing a city. I was not rushing from one must see place to another! Instead I took long coffee breaks, people watched, went shopping (as I forgot to pack a couple of essential items), and still managed to sight see. And yes, I did not get to see every church, museum and attraction. But I did get to experience the vibes of the cities.

For all those people who are like me and think life should be planned! Take a spontaneous trip and you will feel more free, even if it will take you a couple of days to adjust to this! After all what is a trip if not a journey!