The School of Athens- Raphael

The Vatican is the holy city where Catholics and tourists alike flood to the gates every day. It has one of the most rich and incredible museums that is home to a fascinating collections of maps and books, truly a gift to any historian. The most famous square in the world is probably St. Peter’s Square where thousands gather to hear the Pope speak. The Sistine chapel is a work of art, where to get to Michelangelo’s famous ceiling, one has to walk shoulder to shoulder with other visitors for hours prior to seeing it.

Modern Day Parking Lot- Vatican

However, for me, the most exciting part of the Vatican just happened to also be a part that most people miss. ┬áIf you continue to walk straight amongst the people you will miss Raphael’s famous painting, “The School of Athens”. It was resting just behind me as we walked along the standard route to the Sistine Chapel. In the window, you will find a modern day parking lot, in the middle of the buildings in the Vatican. You will also find statues and other interesting architectural details and instead of focusing on statues in the Basilica, look up and you will see an interesting ceiling.

I have taken my trip to the Vatican as an inspiration to always look behind you, up and not to not have the sole purpose of a place or a painting in mind but let my eyes wonder until I locate something that is unique.

What was your favourite part of the Vatican?