I have always loved cows, and as I travel, it is fascinating to find cows in their natural habitat around the world. As I travelled, I realized that cows are considered special in various countries. In India, it is considered a sacred animal. In Peru, they place a cow ornament on their roof for luck, prosperity and fertility of the crops. In ancient Egypt, cows symbolized fertility, richness and renewal. And some countries are known for their cows such as the Swiss with their cow bell and the famous Bull is associated with Spain. Therefore, I wanted to share with you some of the photos that I was able to take around the world, and while the environment is different, the cows remain the same. 
Cow Sign in Spain
Cows of Costa Rica
Cows of Canada


Cow found in Egypt


Cow of Leichtenstein


German Cows


“Anka” from the Black Forest, Germany


Pyranees Cows, Spain


Cows in Andalusia Spain