Possible street of Steak House

You will always regret not trying then trying and failing. But what about missing out on an unforgettable steak in the center of Florence and realizing it is too late? Well that happened to an ex boyfriend of mine while we were on a trip through Italy. In Florence, the hotel we were staying in recommended an amazing steak house which was minutes away from where we were staying. Having heard of Florencian steak and after walking into a small family owned restaurant where red meat was greeting you at the entrance, only people who do not eat meat would settle for pasta.

After the owner’s son came to take our order, to my horror my ex ordered pasta. My only concern would be how big the steak would be. Minutes later, he brought me a raw piece of meat which was enough to split among two people and a bit bigger than the typical American 12oz steak. I was shocked at how tasty this meat was. I mean who would have thought that a small restaurant with only a few tables run by a family and about a twenty minute walk from the Statue of David, would have steak that I still dream of today.

It was not surprising that the restaurant was filled with pictures of famous Italians with their signatures. Sophia Lauren, Pavarotti and others have enjoyed this wonderful meal. After trying a piece, my ex-boyfriend automatically regretted ordering pasta but being on a tight budget decided to stick to his order. In all the cities we would visit after Florence, Pisa, Sanremo, Monte Carlo, and Nice, he would order steak in hopes that it would come close to the taste that this restaurant provided.

Returning to Florence a few years later and on multiple occasions, I wonder the streets hoping to find this restaurant or remember the name. Having spent hours searching for it on Google, I still cannot find this magical steak house. Of course, maybe it is for the better that I have not found that place so that my memory of the best steak remains as a wonderful memory. Having said that, if anyone has been to a family run steakhouse in Florence with pictures of celebrities on its’ walls, please let me know the name of it so I can go back there for an unforgettable meal!