Here at Arriving in High Heels, we all love to travel! We get such excitement when we start planning our next trip. After all, with the world being such a big place, the possibilities are endless. With each trip that comes along, everyone has their own way of preparing for it. Some people might look up interesting places to take that next Instagram photo or go to their favorite tour company’s website and check out its itineraries. Whether you’re going on your next trip to Thailand, or want to explore Pompeii, or even a weekend getaway from your hometown, travel requires a bit of planning and research. With the invention of the internet and smart phones, rarely do people consult a travel agency for help anymore. With any trip planning, the power of the internet allows you to plan your adventure from the convenience of your phone. So many travel apps are available in the App Store on iPhone and Android devices, it’s no surprise people have switched to planning their whole trip using them. Travel apps have revolutionized the travel industry as they serve different purposes but all share a common goal: to make your life easier.  As almost everyone has access to smart phones that have the ability to roam while you travel, here are some reasons why travel apps are so useful!

  1. They keep you organized

Gone are the days where you had to plan your trip out on pen and paper. With the power of the internet and the invention of the smart phone, it has become much easier to plan, schedule, and even book flights and hotels directly from your phone. Rather than carry a binder full of paper and maps, you can easily log everything through your favorite travel app.

  1. They are your virtual guide

With the introduction of affordable roaming plans as well as WiFi availability around the world, you no longer have to carry around 10 different travel guides for your trip. Travel apps have made it much easier for you to enjoy your destination a while longer instead of losing time finding how to get there using a large map.  All you have to do is open up the App Store on your device and download a specific app that will help you through your travels. Even if your cell phone connection is not the strongest or the WiFi is unavailable, there are several different apps that will work on an “offline” mode that would provide you with useful information during your trip.They are cost effective

  1. They are cost effective

Why pay a fee for a travel agent when you can plan the same trip or an even better one by yourself! With a bit of time and effort, travel apps have made travel planning a much easier process. With so many free travel apps, you not only get the freedom to plan your trip during your own time, but you won’t have to pay a travel agent’s fee for the same work that you could have done. The next time you call a travel agent for any vacation, we guarantee you there’s an app for that!

With so many travel apps available to you, we are sure you can plan your whole trip without visiting a travel agency! Not only are travel apps convenient, they keep you organized and are always available at the palm of your hands. With the Visited App we make your travel even more fun by allowing you to track the countries you have visited, like the ones you still want to explore and even share with family and friends all the awesome countries you have explored. Available in the App Store or Google Play Store, make sure to download your copy of the Visited App today!