There are a lot of destinations that solo female travellers should visit. I have written about the best places to start your solo travels. So here is, in my opinion, the worst places for female solo travellers to visit. (At least in my eyes).

This country has had a lot of bad press over the years with horrifying stories of sexual harassment, dangerous traffic and not to mention the high risk of traveller’s diarrhea. Women in this country (even local ones) have to be careful at night and when taking public transportation. If you get sick from poor sanitation, being alone is not the best solution. So unless you think the risks are worth it, I would stick to other destinations or take a tour where even if you go alone, you will be with a bigger group.
Pyramids of Giza

Currently it is not the safest place to be for political reasons. In 2009, I was there with my now ex-boyfriend, and even then I did not feel completely safe. So I would hate to have been there alone. While Cairo and Alexandria are places where you should not experience too many issues,  when travelling to the lower part of Egypt you might. I have blonde highlights and every time I encountered a man between the ages of 15 and 50, they would stare at me and comment to my then boyfriend “lucky man”. The starring and name calling were not the worst parts. For example, a couple of girls were travelling with their friend who got asked how much he wanted for the two Americans. The guy was being very generous to offer 50 sheep and a brand new air conditioning unit for them! Did I not mention the guy was over 40 and the girls barely 20?


Turin, Italy

Beautiful country with warm and welcoming people, but it is not a place to be alone. Italians are social and family oriented, and it is shocking to them to see a woman eating alone. While living there, I once had to use a computer at a local restaurant/pub and while I was there, I got invited to eat with groups from every table as they could not imagine why a woman would be out in public alone. (And this was in Milan!) In the South, women are usually get called “bella” and could easily be stalked. Although it is harmless for the most part and can be taken as a compliment, it will get annoying and can ruin your mood.

Being a corrupt place, it’s not the most female friendly destination. I remember in horror, the time I was on a family vacation in a five star resort in the Riviera Maya, when a hotel employee decided to fill up the mini bar. He was completely drunk and forced himself into the room and was asking for my name and kept coming closer and closer to me. Lucky for me, my mom was in the opposite room and decided to drop off some towels. After calling security, the situation was resolved however, a few days later he was back on the job forcing himself into other people’s rooms. While this incident can happen anywhere, the fact that nothing was done was the thing that I later found out was typical for Mexico.

Putting it plain and simple, it is a destination for families and romantic couples. While, solo travellers deserve a great beach vacation, it is not the most friendly place with high single supplement fee for an all inclusive vacations. It is also a constant reminder of happy couples and families which is not a great place for soul search or feel completely free and at ease. Do not forget that a week on a beach by yourself will lead to loneliness and boredom no matter how many books you take!