Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and finding the perfect gift for your special someone can be tricky. Of course, you could always go with some flowers and chocolates, but the best gifts are those that are thoughtful and unique. Here are some gifts that your favorite traveler will love :
Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

1. Let’s start with the obvious one anyone with the travel bug will love. A trip. You can’t go wrong with a weekend getaway to a romantic little town nearby that neither of you has yet to explore. offers great hotels for great prices all over the world.

2. If you have ever taken a trip together, you can develop a picture of the two of you together from your travels and put it in a nice picture frame.
3. You can create a collage of photos of their personal dream destinations to inspire them to work hard on making their travel plans come true.
4. Recreate a meal you shared during your travels together. You can find recipes for traditional regional foods online and can pick up a wine from that region at your local store. Light a few candles, and you have the perfect combination of romance with travel.
5. A world map where your loved one can mark which countries and/or cities they have visited with the use of pins, stickers, or you could even buy scratch-able ones.
6. Create a personal itinerary and purchase a travel guide for a travel destination both of you are saving up for.
7. If you’re shopping for a woman, many jewelery stores sell bracelets or necklaces with charms and necklace pendants that are travel-related. Such as Airplanes, the Eiffel Tower, the world globe, etc.
8. Although not as romantic, most travelers are practical and probably need a new set of luggage, passport holder, luggage tag, carry on bag or other travel-related products.
9. A new camera. Everyone wants to remember their travels after their memories start to fade as well as share their experiences after their trip. The best way to do that is through photographs and any traveler will love a new camera that will help them do just that!

10. Last but not least, you could get your special someone a voucher to a nice spa so they can get pampered before their next trip (such as get their nails done). And why not join them for a nice massage while you’re there?

Whatever you choose to get your Valentine this year, remember it’s the thought that counts and its the personalization factor that makes the day special. Happy Valentine’s Day!