ski vacation
Ski Vacation

Winter is coming up in the Northern Hemisphere and this means hot chocolate, Christmas markets, skating and more importantly, ski season! For those that love to travel, this means ski vacations are in the planning stage. I have outlined top resorts for skiing around the world. While I have not been to all of these places due to budget constraints, they are on my list to visit. Would love to hear what is on your list! 

1) Innsbruck, Austria

Two Winter Olympics have taken place here in 1964 and 1976 which was not surprising as it is one of the best skiing one can have in the Alps and not to mention affordable. At the top elevation of 3,200 meters, skiers can enjoy untreated wood smells while having amazing desert and hot chocolate not to be found anywhere else in the world. For those that love European cities and Christmas markets, Innsbruck offers a great escape in between your runs.  

2) Chamonix in Mont Blanc, France
Located in South Eastern France close to Italy, it’s an easy escape for the French or Italians and ,being much cheaper than skiing in Switzerland, an affordable escape for the Swiss. Mont Blanc itself is at one of the highest points in Western Europe with the Aiguille Du Midi cable car which rises to 3,482 Meters. With 145 trails, you will never be bored. Chamonix has lots of hotels and inns to choice from as well as restaurants and cafes with the famous French cuisine to make it a very enjoyable visit. It is a place to see and be seen in this luxurious town. 

3)      Banff, Canada


Unlike the famous Whistler in British Columbia, Banff guarantees snow. It is located only 2 hours away from Calgary, in a National Park making it a very beautiful place to visit in both winter and summer. There are three areas to ski making it impossible to ski all runs in one trip. The top elevation is 2,730 meters for the Sunshine Village which is the most popular for those staying in Banff. Lake Louise is another ski area where you can find the famous Fairmont Lake Louis resort with Lake Louise in front of it which is turned into an ice skating area in the winter.

4) Aspen, Colorado
Elevation of 2,400 above sea water, Aspen has 4 different mountains to choose from. There are few runs for the beginners making this a professional and serious skiiers heaven.  It used to be a mining town and a real wild west. As it is close to Hollywood, many famous musicians and actors come here to enjoy their ski vacation making it an exciting location for some star-spotting.

5) Stowe, Vermont
It is a relatively small skiing area with only about 116 trails and an elevation of 1,133 above sea level. It is a favorite place for East Coast Americans to vacation, especially for New Yorkers as it is only 4-5 hours from Manhattan. There are lots of Bed and Breakfasts with the typical New England architecture as well as the famous Trapp Family lodge which inspired the famous “Sound of Music”.

What are your favorite skiing destinations? Of course, as long as there is a slope and some snow you can have fun almost anywhere!