Below is a list of what I consider top 5 destinations for the solo traveller. Specifically designed for the traveller who wants to go solo or for a person who has never travelled but wants to get away. Everyone has to get started somewhere and why not start with one of the following trips:

1) Australia– While the flight may seem super long and stretched, the reward of being in the land “down under” will be worth it. First of all, everyone speaks English, which let’s face it saves a lot of hassle on the road. Second of all, Australians are avid travellers therefore they will be understanding and super friendly to tourists. Public transportation and safety is not of a concern and there is no stigma attached to single women travellers as you would find in places such as the Middle East.

2) New York, United States- If you want to get away and just blend into the crowd, this place is for you. What a better way to forget your problems then in the city that does not sleep. If you are going there to have fun, there are endless possibilities. Broadway shows, unlimited art galleries and museums, world class shopping, tons of diners and coffee shops to spend your time daydreaming and people watching. Not to mention the romantic idea of losing oneself in Central Park.

3) Ireland- Ireland is known for its natural beauty and scenic landscapes. Here, you will find very friendly people and you will feel like you are in your own backyard. Pubs are a great place to meet fellow travellers and friendly local people who would make you feel right at home over a glass of Guinness.

4) Norway – While being an expensive destination, the natural beauty of the Fjords will make it worth your while. To save money, you could take a cruise around the Fjords where food and board is included or if you are lucky enough, you could take an epic train journey between Bergen and Flam, where you will be so in tune with nature that you will not feel alone. On the way, do not be shocked to uncover solo hikers and other travellers enjoying their soul searching.

5) London, UK- Similar to NYC, the city is filled with theatres, museums, shopping centres, markets, parks, palaces and anything else you may think of wanting to see or attend. Its culture allows anyone from anywhere in the world to blend in and feel like a local and foreigner at the same time.