Cappuccino – Italy

Coffee is one of the luxuries that one can indulge in during life. Some people (including myself) place coffee on a higher level. Wine enthusiasts brag about their experience on a wine tour and go around the world tasting wine around the world. I have done the same for coffee, my favourite part of travelling is to go to coffee-shops. While, I have not been to all places with great coffee, however, I can share my top countries for coffee thus far:

1) Italy – Italy is the country where coffee has been taken to a new level. You can order anything from Esspresso to coffee Macchiato. Caffe Americano is a watered down coffee drink created after WWII when American soldiers found the taste of espresso too intense. Cappuccino is usually served with a design of a rose, heart or a leaf and is a great way to start the morning.

2) Costa Rica –  This is where coffee comes from. You can do a coffee tour where you learn about the different types of coffee beans and the process of bringing coffee to your house. From the plant to your coffee maker.

Coffee Picker in Costa Rica

3) Turkey –  For those that love intensive strong coffee this is the place to go! Turkish coffee is not a bean but a method of making coffee. Grounded coffee beans are boiled in a pot and depending on your preferences with different sugar levels added. It is served in a cup which allows the grounds to settle. If you flip the cup, you can get your fortune read to you as well!

Coffee in Brazil

4) Brazil – produces 1/3 of all coffee in the world, with two different varieties of beach Arabic and Robusta. Most coffee has a bit of a bitter taste as it is grown mostly in low altitudes.

5) Jamaica –  Coffee from Jamaica’s blue mountains is considered one of the most expensive beans in the world. The taste lacks the bitter coffee taste and is mild making it a very smooth drink.

At the end of the day, you can find a great coffee shop with great coffee beans no matter where you are in the world! !