As a kid, I took ballroom dance classes. Then, in my college days, I would go clubbing for the actual dancing and not for the drinking or partying part. So when I started traveling, I tried to incorporate local dancing into my travels. Below is my top destination spots to either dance or watch amazing dancers.

Local Dancers in Morro De Sao Paulo, Brazil

1) Bahia, Brazil 

The home of Samba, it is a place to watch the famous carnival but also a place to dance on the beach until the early hours of the morning. It is not surprising to witness Capoeira – the fighting dance on the beaches during the day. However, what you are likely to find in the clubs of Rio or other places is the Brazilian funk. It is amazing! The dance moves that you see are non professional and simply the feeling that Brazilians get from dancing.
2) Buenos Aires, Argentina
The home of the Tango, it is not surprising that so many dancers go to train there. You are able to dance with the best tango dancers, hear live tango music and more importantly watch as professionals not just dance but feel the rhythm of such a sensual dance.
3) St. Petersburg/Moscow, Russia
This is a place where you will find world class ballet. In Moscow, you have the world famous, Bolshoi Theatre which puts out both Ballet and Opera shows. While in St. Petersburg, you have the Mariinsky Theatre and Alexandrinksy Theatre both great theatres from the dancing and architectural prospectives.
Flamenco Dancers in Granada

4) Andalusia, Spain 

In Granada and Seville, you will find many bars where you can watch flamenco shows. These shows are often accompanied with the beautiful sounds of the Spanish guitar. For those, that like more authentic less touristy spots, many small towns around Andalusia offer a more intimate experience.
5) Istanbul, Turkey
For a bit of a different style of dancing, belly dancing can be found anywhere in the Middle East. In Istanbul however, I found that the dancers are a bit less traditional as you would find it in Egypt therefore, making it a bit more fun to watch.
These are just a few places where you can enjoy dancing or watching great dancing. Cuba or Columbia are the key places for Salsa, Dominican Republic is the home of Merengue, while British Caribbean is full of energy with Soca. Ibiza attracts clubbers from all over the world. In India, you can find Bollywood style dancing. African tribe dances are full of skill and culture significance while Austria is full of strict Waltz moves. No matter where you are in the world, you are bound to find skill and passion for dance so why not join in?