With 2016 just around the corner, its time once again to make your traveling resolutions. Will you travel to far off destinations hitherto unseen by anyone before or will you explore the well trodden road?  Does the beach and tortoise waters call your name or are more intrigued to be surrounded by history and intrigue?

Perhaps data should be your guide.

According to our mobile app, Visited, the most popular destinations in the world are United Kingdom, Spain, United States, France and Italy. Countries that also made the list although at the minority were Mexico, Portugal, Canada, Austria and Turkey.

Most visited countries by Travellers

It is interesting to note that Western European countries are the most visited by travellers. This could be because their infrastructure is developed, making traveling easy. There are also many well known attractions in these countries and they are situated close to each other making it easy to visit more than one country on your journey.

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Happy 2016!!!