Cafe Caramelo with Alfajores

Argentina is very famous for their steaks, but let’s not forget about the delicious empanadas and for those with a sweet tooth, all the decadences with “dulce de leche”. For those that live in Toronto, and like unique coffee shops that differ from the traditional Starbucks experience, there is La Merceria. It is located between Adelaide St West and Portland, about a 10 minute walk from Osgoode Station.

This coffee shop sells unique items for the home, handmade jewellery and travel photography as well. My favorite part however is their delicious drinks and food, specifically the chicken or beef empanada and the cafe caramello which has dulce de leche at the bottom of the glass as well as around the cup for added caramel flavor and sweetness. I am always looking for local coffee shops that are authentic to a country I have visited as it helps with the nostalgia and helps the time between trips go by faster!
Cafe Caramelo
Chicken Empanada