AustrianFoodFood, some may argue, is one of the best experiences when one travels if one gets lucky with their restaurants. Finding an authentic and well-priced restaurant with great grub can be tricky especially when travelling in highly touristy areas such as Paris or London. Prix-fix menus and serves on the street ushering you in can get really hectic especially when there are tens of restaurants lined along side one another down the street. So how do you pick a good one? Here are our suggestions on restaurant selection when abroad:

1. Ask a local for a recommendation
Go straight to the source. Ask your hotel staff or your taxi driver where they would suggest to eat. You can let them know what kind of food you are craving, your budget and in what area of town you will fancy a meal. They are bound to give you their favourite restaurant in town and as a local, they won’t recommend a tourist trap.
2. Google it
Use Google Maps, Trip Advisor, or Yelp to browse restaurants in the area and browse the ratings and reviews to narrow down your choice. The voice of the masses is sure to extract the good finds from the over-priced and average places so you can be sure you enjoy your lunch.
3. Look for the crowds
The restaurants that are packed with people, tourists and locals, are usually the places that have the best service and food. This is one of the rare occasions that being a sheep and following the herd isn’t a bad thing.
4. Do your research ahead of time
Research your destination and the traditional food of the nation before you go. You are bound to come across well-known or famous restaurants at your destination that specialize in authentic cuisine.
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Bon Appetit!