planeBefore you can ensure your seat belt is securely fastened and your baggage is safely stowed in the overhead compartments or underneath the seat in front of you, you need to book your flight.

Here are our recommended flight hacks to take advantage of to make sure you get the best deal on your flight and save some cash for the most important part of your trip – the adventures at your destination.
I. Google Flights
Google Flights is easy to use and gives you a bunch of valuable information at your fingertips quickly. Price graphs by travel date gives you optimal flight days without playing around a hundred times, world map gives you all prices to all destinations worldwide from your departure airport at specified dates if you haven’t decided where to go yet, and allows you to filter by number of stops, airline carrier, and much much more. Your first step shop for flight searches.
II. Air Wander
For those starstruck with the possibility of exploring additional countries on your way to a destination, AirWander allows you to search for stop over cities given your departure and arrival airport selection on specified dates. It tells you how much less or more your flight will cost you and gives you a wide selection of cities to choose from. Love to explore as much as the world as you can? Use the website to optimize your exploring, and use the Visited App to track your progress. An app that provides you with data and statistics on your world exploration, allows you to compare yourself to fellow travellers around the world, and allows you to keep track of all the countries you have been and share it with friends!
III. Travel reward cards
Majority of travel point cards are free of charge such as Aeroplan and Airmiles, so go ahead and get them today. You can earn points everyday in your daily shopping such as groceries and gas, and use them towards booking flights free of charge once you reach a sufficient amount of points. A tip on using your points: Use them on flights in areas where taxes are lower so that your points work for you more. For example, Canadian flights are highly taxed so you are left paying over a hundred dollar for your flight even after using your miles, so you are better off using your points for flights in Asia where taxes are lower.
So sit back and enjoy your flight…