We are Emma and Tyler!

Our love story in a nutshell:

We met in Australia in mid-2014. Emma is Australian and Tyler is American. Tyler had moved to Australia for work. We didn’t work together, but we met through work. We fell in love, met each other’s families, moved to London in 2017, got engaged in Majorca later that year, married in 2018 and decided to quit our jobs and take a “2 year honeymoon” travelling around the world! We started our honeymoon in October 2018 about a week or so after our wedding.

What we’ve been up to on our honeymoon:

We decided to open an instagram account (@browned_baggage) for family and friends to keep up with our travels. Our friends urged us to make it public and share the travel tips we were sharing with them, so at Christmas in 2018, we did! We’re not travel bloggers and only have the account for fun. We have met some really lovely people through Instagram and have gotten some great tips from fellow full-time travellers. 

We have been to 14 countries and countless cities so far on this honeymoon. We started back in Majorca (where we got engaged) and are currently in Croatia. After 9 months of marriage and travel (and being in each other’s faces 24/7) we feel like we have learned even more about ourselves, each other and our relationship. 

Croatia love story

We have always been pretty travel obsessed (we have each travelled to nearly 50 countries) and use the app Visited to keep track of them! We have a goal to try to each visit 100 countries in our lifetime (which may be a bit ambitious, but we will see how we go).

Tyler really wants to travel to Chile, so we hope to add that to our travels soon. Emma really wants to visit a few countries in Africa, again, we hope to get there too.

We didn’t set out with a plan and have been travelling to places that we decide along the way. Emma really wanted to go back to Scotland and explore it more thoroughly and Tyler really wanted to go back to Spain and spend a chunk of time in Madrid. We have done both of those things. The most un-planned part of the trip so far has been eastern Europe. We spent a couple of weeks in Minsk at random because we were trying to find a location outside the Schengen area but close to Lithuania. We loved it and are so glad we went! It was not a city on our list or on our radar but turned out to be such a highlight. We have had to plan a little more around summer and some special occasions (friend’s weddings, family milestone celebrations), but intend to keep playing it by ear and trying not to plan too far ahead.