No words or pictures could ever prepare you for the beauty that is Bora Bora. To make your stay even more magical Four Seasons could not do a better job at customer service, the beauty of the resort and while the food is not the best I have ever eaten the desserts were! The only downfall of this destination is the high cost associated with staying here be prepared to spend $150 per person for food (excluding alcohol) and the price per room is also way over $500 a night but it does come with breakfast. Some things to consider while staying on the resort:
1) Definitely order the Religieuses Dessert (photo found below)
2) Go Snorkelling
3) Take amazing photographs with Damien Gobron.

Four Seasons Bora Bora


Four Seasons- Inside the Room
Over the water Bungalow, Four Seasons Bora Bora


View From Four Season’s Bora Bora